Wicked Wiktor

Written By bryanboy

Wicked Wiktor

OMG YOU GUYS I feel like a proud mother! Remember my lovely aryan nation friend Wiktor from Sweden?


Well, he’s having a ball right now on his first show season in Paris. I’m telling y’all, he’s one of the guys to watch. I’ve been told today that he recently did a shoot with Hedi Slimane and Nicola Formichetti a few days ago. Yay!!! This is him at Yohji Yamamoto Fall/Winter 2009-2010.

Yohji Yamamoto Fall Winter 2009 2010

Click click click for more pics!

Comme des Garcons

runway photo credits: catwalking


  1. he has strong features.He could make it in this weird modelling world. Some may think that he looks like a dead man walking or zombie or weird or something but I believe he will make it big.

  2. isn’t aryan nation a racial term with negative connotations?
    love the first shot, reminds me of kim basinger in wayne’s world 2

  3. Sorry Bryan, but he appears to have the same expression in every photo. What kind of model is that?

  4. i like the posted pic with love to bb sign but other than that, i’m not feelin it

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