Under Renovation

I did a bit of shopping after my trip to the salon. Paid a visit to good ol’ Topshop where there are lots of jackets and coats on sale. I even saw quite a number of items at 50% off with a “Buy one item and get another item free” promotion. It’s crazy! I have another trip coming up in a bit (fingers crossed, don’t ask, don’t jinx) so a super easy peasy lightweight coat will come in handy.

After Topshop I went straight to a friend’s house. They’re currently renovating. We were dead bored (funny I’m saying that now because I’m literally swamped with work… how I have the time to be “bored” is ridiculous) so we decided to take a few snaps. The backdrop is actually one of their raw, unfinished walls… as in
hardcore CEMENT! It’s funny because it reminds me of those god damn cheesy “studio” backdrops they use for oh I dunno, high school yearbooks
or what have you.

Click click click for a very quick photo dump.

That’s all!