Totally Thursday

Written By bryanboy

Totally Thursday

My oh my what a crazy week so far eh? After last weekend’s tearjerker special, I’m happy to report that I’ve settled in and I’m back to “normal”, whatever the fuck normal is.

Many of you posted comments and sent me emails and messages — thank
you —  but please y’all, dontcha worry about me. I’m fine. I’ll be fine. I have other
priorities on my plate and I’m (slowly but surely) catching up to speed
with all my backlogged emails and work. It’s all fun and well and I
promise to get back to everyone as soon as possible. I know, I know, I
have NOT forgotten any of you. This is why I dislike sometimes about
being a one-man circus. I do EVERYTHING as in EVERYTHING in my online
empire. If only I could clone myself…

By the meantime, here are a few links on my personal hit list that you may want to check out. You know how it goes — click, click, click!

  • Calling all international peeps outside North America. Now is the time
    to buy something from Net-a-Porter because international shipping (as
    in DHL) is free for three more days. We all know courier charges aren’t
    cheap and Net-a-Porter don’t do this often so go, go, go and shop! I
    love shopping there because, for most countries — including the Philippines — duties and taxes are already calculated
    (and charged in advance) so what you see on their site is the only
    thing you’ll pay for. No srpr To get free shipping, enter FREESHIP09 into the promotional code box during checkout. Code expires Sunday, January 25, 2009. [Net-a-Porter]
  • Charles Devoe is the Christy Turlington of male models according to my NYC papi JD Ferguson [jdvision]
  • Woah. Who knew my gurl Tanya Dziahileva moved to Elite? [coacd]
  • Have you seen the Fall 2009 NYC Fashion Calendar? No Aussie designers are flying to New York to show this season except for my buddy Michael Angel (he lives there) who opted for a fabulous presentation. [frockwriter]
  • I haven’t been to Karmaloop
    in AGES and now they’re having a massive 80% off sale! Karmaloop, IMO,
    is one of the best places online to shop for streetwear. From now until
    January 31, 2009, receive an additional 15% OFF your entire order. Use
    promo code ALEX15 at checkout. [karmaloop]
  • Check out the latest issue of Contra Magazine. I’m there! Contra is super cool and super slick. Loves it! [contra]
  • Are you on twitter? Sassybella’s twitter directory of the young, the restless and famous is awesome. [sassybella]
  • I can’t get this Spring 2009 Balmain jacket off my head. It’s driving me insane. Who do I have to fondle around here to get that gorgeous denim baby? I know I said before that I don’t want to get into that dreadful Balmain/”fashion blogger” clique/Emmanuelle Alt-wannabe brigade but I like that jacket. I LOVE that jacket. I must HAVE that jacket. [luisaviaroma]
  • Speaking of Aussies, this pedophile is soo scary. He’s a monster! OMG please lock him up! [omgblog]
  • It’s war between Giorgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana, thanks to a pair of quilted pants. Scandalicious! [fashionologie]
  • I love boys, you love boys, we all love boys! Here are some backstage shots from the Fall 2009-2010 Burberry Prorsum show in Milan [frillr]
  • WHAT WHAT WHAT? Topshop partners with J Brand. Yes, as in that denim brand from LA. Woah. [Blackbook Magazine]

I think that’s all for now.


  1. agyness deyn, gisele, raquel zimmermann, isabeli fontana, evandro soldati, alex schultz were ALL in brazil for sao paulo fashion week and ur not saying a word about it!!
    shout out to ur third-world brothas, BB!

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