1. Squat Toilets! I remember those in Taiwan! Whats even more awful, I don’t know if it’s the same way, but restrooms don’t even supply Toilet paper. You need to bring your own. It was gross and I am happy I am back in America!

  2. Unrelated to your post, I wanted to tell you about the power of your blog. I bought my first moleskin yesterday and i never would have considered it unless you ranted about your patent leather one a while back. Power!!

  3. Ok… that, whatever that is, is REALLY DISGUSTING ..why would you post that?

  4. omg bryanboy that’s gross! now i’m traumatized. eating in front of my computer when i decided to look at your site and this is the first thing i see! *pukes* i love you still!

  5. shiiiiiit, bryan im just eating infront of my pc, you are…. eeeewww

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