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Update – 8:31PM:
EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW. I will NEVAH blog again in remote places using my cellphone. I just got home and I went to my website (hello quality control) and there it was, my fug bloated mug plastered on my home page in epic proportions. Gross. It’s a good thing I brought my regular camera with me for photos haha!

I’m here at the salon now for a lil bit of pampering. Haircut, hair color, mani, foot scrub, pedi and massage later today. Tomorrow It’s facial, doctor and dentist appointments. I’m super tired, haggard and exhausted.

The original photo I used for the entry after ther jump. Click click click!

No, not this…


  1. O.M.G. sorry but that is some brotha from anotha mother! like that arnie movie twins, second photo is danny devito. do we get a after photo with your did?

  2. omg, it’s like you purged all of the gayness in the blog. i lurv it! :D reminds me of the time you used to put “manly” pics of you.. harhar!:)

  3. Hold On Just Keep On Holding On

    Oh I didn’t know that guy from Side A Band does hair now.

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