Rufa Mae Quinto for Bench Body or Elise Crombez for Eres Paris?

Written By bryanboy

Bench or Eres?

Belgian beauty Elise Crombez is the star of Eres' Spring/Summer 2008 ad campaign. Eres Paris, as you already know, is one of the world's most prestigious lingerie and swimwear brands.


  1. that’s in SLEX right? I’m disappointed, I thought Bench had done some good.

  2. yeah, Elise looks great there…
    is that why she didn’t do victoria’s secret 2008? I was looking forward to see her there though…:)

  3. |lonelyboi|

    OMG. BB, you are not paying attention here. IMO that is. :D
    I just think that they are completely opposites.
    Just looking at the angles and all. Well, i’m not the fashion-caster, you are.
    Maybe i’m wrong. :|

  4. also, check out ruffa mae’s bench ad last year the one wherein she was in the desert it was SOOOOOOOOO LIKE the louis vuitton ad last year (the one in the desert too)…. i always knew bench’s ads was always INSPIRED – in other words not original! hahahaha (bitch laugh)

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