1. what sucks about this pair is that its not even particularly different; you can find the same pair at H&M for a whole lot less & the only difference is the name & the thickness of the plastic. why drop dime on raybans & not cop some YSL`s or dior shades? maybe no one knew because no one really cared aside from the ray ban wayfarer shades.

  2. anonymous

    Can anyone tell me what the model # is on the
    Ray-ban oversized sunglasses.

  3. fashionIsKindOfDumbSometimes

    this over-sized, bug-eyed sunglasses thing is the most ridiculous fashion trend ever to recycle itself. listen folks: it didn’t work in the 70s, it doesn’t work now. just because the “stars” are wearing them, doesn’t mean they actually look good in them; they look stupid, too. “stars” are just people. people who can make bad fashion decisions just like the rest of us. you’ll see…just give it a year or so and you’ll be looking back at pictures of yourself in these absurdly grotesque things going, “what in the HELL was i thinking?!?” (remember the flipped-up collars in the 80s?)
    now, the shades in the masthead graphic kick butt. slip those on and you’ll be much better off.

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