People? Yes! Star? Ok! Us Weekly? Hello!

Written By bryanboy

People? Yes! Star? Ok! Us Weekly? Hello!   

I haven’t played fake celebrity in quite some time so here are several pics for shits and giggles.

Click click click!

Pure literary bliss. Nourishment for my soul.


That’s all! LOL


  1. its not the same because your maid is not in the shot.
    bring back eunice!!

  2. WTF! You look like a Pilipino in the last pic. Did you just come off the plane from overseas? How many boxes did you bring with you?
    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  3. Ohhh,BB you look so hot in these pics.It looks like your working with yummy little bubble butt back there.

  4. yep.
    and the fact that my leg hair is black doesnt do me any favours.
    oh well.
    sometimes it’s pointless to fight genetics ;)

  5. jourdane

    that’s what im about to say BB, you kinda gained weight, but t’s okay im happy to see you take fun pics again.. ^^

  6. hahahahaha. i luv the “pissed off by the paps” pic. nice shades, i have te same one in red

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