Not fat and not old.

Written By bryanboy

Not fat, not old and NOT him.

But thin and very, very tall. Ignore the icky monobrow and the fug jacket (which he bought in China on the cheap — apparently that jacket is XXL but look how short they are on the arms. he’s super tall!) and tell me what you think of this guy. He’s a nice chap, trust me. And no, he’s **NOT** Mr. Denmark. The question is… would you hit it?

Click click click!

Ayyy caramba!

Ate Danica to the right lookin very, very wary of what’s happening.


  1. muka shang damulag sa suot niya ples??.. but he’s ok. ;)
    loving the outfit bb, still fierce.. :)

  2. I’d totally hit that!!!!!! I get a Gael Garcia Bernal vibe in the 1st pic…dunno why. Do you see it BB?

  3. A more brightly colored jacket (BYE BYE BROWN), a new hairdo, and an eyebrow wax would help him to meet my approval.
    now i’d hit it.

  4. OMG HE’S GORGEOUS !! he’s absolutely adorable and if this may be a potential of yours then you lucky bastard !!

  5. Madison, you are freakum amazing. How did you do this? Please don’t tell me you’re just a Photoshop Ferosha?

  6. If he ditched the combats, the monobrow and that filthy jacket (those shoes look fug too) then yes!

  7. what is a “photoshop ferosha”! i did this in less than five minutes…. in photoshop. i’m a digital ~magician~

  8. he kinda looks like wentworth miller!! spruce up the hair and brow and you’ve got wenty!

  9. omg. he kinda looks like maxi from pinoy fear factor in the 1st pic. and he needs to DITCH THE UGLY HAIRDO

  10. albert

    Is he Spanish? He seems so, I’m Spanish and his features seem quite familiar to me

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