Nokia E71 Phone

Written By bryanboy


My younger sister felt sorry for me for having a crappy, prehistoric mobile phone so she gifted me a new Nokia E71 this Christmas. You see, I'm not really the type of person who likes to be obsess about the latest electronic gadgets. I'll obsess about fashion and accessories, yes, but not phones or what have you. To me, a phone is just a phone — a tool to communicate with people. Why should I have the fanciest mobile phone when I mostly communicate online? OK FINE I'd love to own that Vertu Boucheron 150 made out of solid gold but who's gonna buy me that? Also, many of you know my relationship with phones. I've gone through far too many phones over the years (some broke down on me and some were lost, let's not even go to the RAZRs etc) but I still end up with my crusty but trusty old Nokia.

Geriatric phone no more.

PS. I'm gonna try to see if I can post on my blog using my cellphone. Oh my god you guys can you imagine the opportunities?


  1. The phone’s internet browser should be under ‘Applications’. I’m also a Globe user and I tried it once. It works but it was pretty slow.

  2. ohGod. I`ve always wanted that phone but I didn`t have enough money to afford one. You are lucky, bb.

  3. wow! do you have an idea how much it is in philippine pesos? :) and is the wi-fi connection for free?
    would love to get one!!

  4. I know where the browser is, which is why I’m able to use facebook, browse sites etc — when I have access to wi-fi.
    What I can’t figure out is how to get an internet connection from Globe.
    They told me that on pre-paid accoun ts, 3G internet is disabled when you have international roaming activated (I do).
    so there.

  5. i know the feeling, which is why i don’t splash out on phones!!! i’d rather buy a good pair of shoes when i have the money LOL

  6. dont know how much the phone costs in pesos. i didnt wanna ask my sis cause i’m afraid of sticker shock LOL
    wi-fi is free wherever it’s available!!

  7. leandro

    Hi bb! We both have the same phone :-). That’s all.
    PS: Your website looks crappy when I visit it using the phone. Better hire someone who’d fix it.
    And the phone cost around 17000-19000 these days. I bought mine last august 2008 for 25000.

  8. i am using this fone since it came on the market…and i shockingly still loves it! GPS works good too!

  9. Hey BB!
    You have to turn off the WLAN SCAN OFF for the Globe Internet to activate by itself. :) I have the same phone, only in black.
    Wifi from Globe costs around P600 for one day. My mom got mad at me for using it a lot. Haha!
    When I got my phone it was around 21k that was last October. :)

  10. I’m also stuck with my prehistoric 6300, but who really cares. I rarely use it anyway. Why bother splurging on another one.

  11. LMAO. We`re the same. I can`t get enough of shoes ! Especially booties. <3

  12. I have the E71 too!! Woohoo, i have the same phone as BB!! I f-ing love it..

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