Middle of Nowhere

It’s 11:55PM and I’m here at the bed & breakfast in Tagaytay. We wanted to have a few drinks after dinner (that is, if you consider fast food Japanese/Teriyaki Boy “dinner”) but there’s no decent bar within walking distance so we ended up going to this dive bar called Kontiki. I had one drink but I had so much fun. It was the only bar in the nearby area and it’s SO obvious the people who go there (tourists included) are alcoholics. It was HYSTERICAL!!!

Awww. Charice Pempengco is dat chu? BTW, that girl was adrable. There was this chubby guy who sang there and he had a great voice. It was kinda hard to imagine it was him singing. I thought that was funny. Anyway, I wish we stayed longer but I have so many things to do tonight. One drink was all I need. Ah well.