Michelle Obama's Inauguration Day Dress by Isabel Toledo Photos

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Michelle Obama’s Inauguration Day Dress by Isabel Toledo

First Lady Michelle Obama had chosen Cuban-American designer Isabel Toledo for today’s historical Inauguration/swearing-in ceremony. You have to hand it out to Michelle for choosing a female (and minority at that) designer.

Michelle Obama's dress on Inauguration day by Isabel Toledo.

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Michelle Obama yellow dress by Isabel Toledo

Michelle Obama looks soo stunning in this embroidered yellow dress by Isabel Toledo.

Michelle Obama's Inauguration Day yellow dress by Isabel Toledo photos pic

Michelle Obama's Inauguration Dress by Isabel Toledo

Uhhhh what’s with the green Jimmy Choo shoes? Eeek!

Michelle Obama's Inauguration Dress by Isabel Toledo pics

Here’s Isabel Toledo’s original proposal/sketch for Michelle Obama.

Isabel Toledo dress sketch for Michelle Obama

Husband-and-wife Ruben and Isabel Toledo on the cover of IQONS magazine last year.

Ruben and Isabel Toledo on the cover of IQONS Magazine

photo credits: nymag, iqons, wwd, ap and getty


  1. the green shoes make it a little vogue. beige or yellow or black shoes would have made it kind of boring.

  2. i love her… she’s like jackie o.. ;) the shoes was a major mishap.. but what the heck… i still adore her and barock my world obama,, president that is.

  3. She is amazing. She looks beautiful in everything that she wears. I love that she is so tall. Love it Love it!

  4. i think the dress was perfect! the color,texture, cut were just right and she carried it all with elan!

  5. Totally agree with you hunny. THe choos add a nice surprising unexpected touch. The dress and coat are beautiful but the shoes create more drama and add a nice contrast.

  6. She’s a great lookin first lady. Great fashion sense that fits her duty, without looking momsy.
    Love the coat tho I wished the lining of the coat weren’t white. But who cares about lining?
    Love the shoes too. Its a great statement. Michelle’s keepin it fresh ya’ll.

  7. Should have been black gloves and black shoes…. almost ruined the great yellow dress with her no-so-good choice of accessories (gloves were kinda cheap-looking, too).

  8. MsDeDestiny

    I’m soo glad someone else agreed about the lining of the coat..I also thought it shouldn’t have been white but rather the same solid color of the short jacket or sweater with the hanging tie. But nevertheless very nice indeed. As far as the white evening dress for the balls…I feel the dress should have been more slimming from the waist down with either an a-line or straight skirt….. Or short at or just below the knees with nice elegant heels.

  9. one question: why is the obama family NOT brown in the isabel toledo sketch? I mean, not to provoke any racial whatsits or insinuate anything inappropriate, but its true isn’t it? Why are they sketched out not with their original skin colour but, well, white? Just wondering.

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