Michelle Obama's Inauguration Day Ball Gown by Jason Wu (Photos, Pics, Video)

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Michelle Obama’s Inauguration Day Ball Gown by Jason Wu

American First Lady Michelle Obama wore a one-off white dress designed by 26-year old Taiwanese-American designer Jason Wu to the Inauguration Ball last night. Phenomenal woman is dat chu? Good god gracious, I officially love Michelle! You have to hand it out to her. I’m 104% sure she received many, many, many proposals from fashion’s big guns but no, she went out of her way to support young talent. Isabel Toledo recently said she’s levitating when she heard the news that Mrs. Obama wore her yellow dress at the swearing-in ceremony. Well, now that the Inauguration ball is over, Jason Wu must be on cloud nine!

Michelle Obama's inauguration ball dress by Jason Wu.

More photos of Michelle Obama’s Jason Wu Inauguration Ball dress after the jump. Click click click!

Michelle Obama's Inauguration Ball dress designed by Taiwanese-American designer Jason Wu.

What do you think of Michelle Obama’s Jason Wu ball gown?

Michelle Obama's Inauguration ball dress designed by Jason Wu

What a beautiful, beautiful royal couple.

Michelle Obama's white dress by Jason Wu.

Go get em tiger!

Michelle Obama wore a Jason Wu dress to the Inauguration Ball.

Look at all those cameras pointing at Barack and Michelle Obama. Boy it must be a sight to see all these black-tie clad people acting like celebrity-crazed teens.

Michelle Obama's Inauguration Ball dress by designer Jason Wu.

Is that Beyonce aka Sasha Fierce? Sorry gurl but Michelle Obama outshined you tonight!

Barack and Michelle Obama dancing. Michelle Obama's white dress was designed by Taiwanese-American designer Jason Wu.

Designer Jason Wu in W Magazine last year. OMG I WANNA SIT ON A BLOND, TANNED, MALE MODEL’S LAP TOO!!!!

Jason Wu at W Magazine

Lucky chap. Congrats Jason!


  1. OMYGOSH that dress is DELISH!
    (((btw the add that just popped up was for AUCKLAND.. I think its a divine sign x)))

  2. I officially approve the dress Michelle O’s wearing. She really looks gorgeous although I wished she had done something to the hair.
    Now that the picture’s out, fashion experts and gurus will talk about the dresses she wore for the Inauguration and the Ball.

  3. She looks amazing. They said at the inorgaration ceremony that Michelle is known for liking to wear clothes off of the high street so i was slightly skeptical to where her dress was from. To be honest, whatever she wore she’d work it.

  4. Our new President..and I am still drunk from the Inuaguration Party we had at work today!

  5. BAKLEETAAKETCH@yahoo.com

    Di maganda yung dress. Pangit kay Michelle Obama. It made her look wide and that strap is fugly. Also, Jason Wu was interviewed sa the TOday SHow ng NBC. Hindi natural magsalait parang ang yabang! Kung magsalita, you know, I’m like, you know…
    Also, did you notice kung pano maglakad si Sasha Obama (the elder sister)? Parang sakang na ewan!

  6. Did anyone else think “Lady Liberty” when they saw her dress? She is so iconic looking.

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