1. chuzzle

    ohhh moon booties. Bryan, please take photography lessons. You have a good camera, but you keep on taking bad photos. Something must be wrong with you.

  2. But Mariah Carey doesn’t have those lithe figure of yours. Work those fur and moon boots gurl!

  3. oh you are in Beijing! welcome to Beijing! It’s quite freezing today. Take care and enjoy the true winter here in Beijing!
    Let me know if you need any information about the city!
    Daniel in Beijing

  4. inspired bitch from Third World:)

    omg, i’d kill for your legs!!
    your boots is so ferosh!, but i dont like the coat though.
    it looks like its 100lbs or something:)

  5. You have the legs for it man. Strut your stuff. Also, I can’t believe you’re leaving Beijing right when I’m about to arrive! Life just isn’t fair sometimes…

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