Lanvin T-Shirt Spring Summer 2009 – Bette Davis

Written By bryanboy

Lanvin Bette Davis T-Shirt

The oh-so-familiar navy blue box from luxury retailer Luisa Via Roma never fails to bring cheer at times of depression. As always, one can rely on their impeccable and superb service.

Lanvin T-shirt at Luisa Via Roma

I can’t for the life of god remember where I read it but someone somewhere said that unboxing, as in opening a box, is the new porn! Techno
geeks and gadget freaks make a big deal out of opening a box — some
even create videos etc. I’m not joking when I say there are people out
there who seriously get off with this sort of thing. Well, I don’t know about you but I’d be more than happy to share a bit of fashion ‘unboxing’ on my blog and share some good vibes all around to fashion junkies out there. Let’s begin the unboxing rites, shall we? Click click click!

(before you continue, I suggest that you open this vid using another browser window and listen to the song for some dramatic effect)

Can you guess what’s inside? Here’s a clue: remember my blog entry last month about those Lanvin t-shirts?


  1. janthina

    clicked here via your status. you bitch. have you seen the lanvin toute l’annee shirts? i was obsessed with it but got shoes instead. it’s labeled l’ete 2009 though so yours is much more wearable. alber is seriously working the tshirts. ridic.

  2. Hello Bryanboy,
    Beautiful t-shirt! I’m glad you’re a Lanvin fan too!
    Will you please post photos of the t-shirt’s details?
    Thank you.

  3. nope. no taxes this time! :-)
    btw, Luisa Via Roma only ships by fedex so it’s safe and super speedy.
    it’s DHL that’s too anal about it

  4. Gifts as fabulous as that deserve a complete ‘unboxing’ ceremony. I’m surprised there’s no opening prayer and guests of honor. lol

  5. oh man, im totally with you on the UN boxing things..
    it just feels so good doesnt it!
    love that tee. saw it yesterday at my local lanvin and it is even better IRL
    wear it well!

  6. You are a lucky is super cute the lanvin t-shirt but I supose that should be expensive. Visit my blog at wordpress If you could…Bye!

  7. OH EM GEE! i was so totally grinning scrolling the page down while listening to that music .. ohh love those shirt so much! and it looks good on ya!

  8. MissKaNia

    i’m so getting that kind of emotional when i see the pictures one by one, especially the one when the box opened and unveiled a grey bow. i’m going to get one that looks like it on the market +D

  9. Sorry for the off-topic – how does the tax/ customs fee work with Luisa Via Roma? It states on the website that US customers are responsible for the customs fee. How much is that approximately? What about the VAT? Thanks! :)

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