Key Players – Teen Vogue March 2009

Written By bryanboy

Key Players – Teen Vogue March 2009

For their March 2009 issue, my favourite Teen magazine EVER, Teen Vogue, has an awesome article about teen fashion bloggers entitled “Key Players”.

PS. Holy speedy delivery batman! Special thanks to Trisha for the scans.


  1. HelloOverThereNik.™

    That’s awesome. And it’s in my birthday month. I hope it comes out on my birthday. ;)

  2. omg bb I just saw this article five minutes ago…totally inspired me to do a post…anyway. CONGRATS!!!! Its awesome that America is picking up on the fashion blogging thing. FINALLY!

  3. Laine McGinty

    Saw that issue of teen vogue and HAD to check you out! Keep working your unique style! Pray that Chanel will send you a bag next….. not that the marc one isn’t fabulous! keep it up!

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