Jourdan Dunn at Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2009

Written By bryanboy

Jourdan Dunn at Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2009

PROGRESS! My dear readers, tell me the last time you saw a beautiful black model at Chanel haute couture?

photo credit: catwalking


  1. Slut4Style

    the kaiser needs michelle obama to wear chanel pronto. using jourdan is an incredibly direct sell. that said, pinning everything and their grandmother’s panties on the recession is so tired. so is going on about the black/white divide. next minority please.

  2. um…. kimora. in the 90s. she looks
    terrible these days, but anyways,
    jourdan is flawless. and im so sick of
    the white/black blah blah talk in fashion.
    its something that doesnt really
    need to pointed out. a race is not a “trend”
    and people who think so are fucking stupid.


    Alek Wek. Spring Summer 06. The show where he used TV on the Radio’s Staring at the Sun on the soundtrack. Also, the subject of the Signe Chanel doc by Loic Prigent.
    Sessilee Lopez is the most striking (black) girl working today. But I can see why Karl cast Jourdan instead of Sessilee because Jourdan has a more elegant feel about her.
    BB. Girl.
    What did you think of Valentino

  4. Same ol tokenism and exoticism. It comes and goes. Speaking from experience of being one.

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