IDENTIFY THIS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written By bryanboy

IDENTIFY THIS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok. My balls are quivering and my nuts are shaking. I need to know who this man is.

Be honest now ok? JUST BY LOOKING AT THAT PHOTO, would you hit it? YES OR NO? I want to know — don’t click yet, I need you to take note of your answer.

OK NOW. Click click click!

Would you still hit it?

I would.


His name is Igor, he’s 18 and a stylist in Paris.


photo credit: Darryl Natale for Stil in Berlin


  1. YES! but i have this urge to wax his legs and face. i think he’ll be uber hot without the facial hair.

  2. 18!? but he looks so effin’ old.
    i wouldn’t hit it….
    but i’d let him hit me. =))

  3. first photo; yes,
    the second one; absolutely no!, i don’t like the style
    there’s no accounting for tastes ;)
    Love and Glam

  4. lisalisa

    i cant get over the fact that he`s only 18!
    he looks so old in the face…it must be the facial hair

  5. what. he’s 18!?
    He’s hot but i never would’ve thought he’s only 18. and i wish he didnt wear that from waist down. But I’d still hit it.

  6. 18?!really?!
    he looks much older~
    but he is so hot,i love the short!!XD
    i want to lick his beard…

  7. He was at the menswear shows. In real life he looked so much like Mark Hunter aka Cobrasnake it was unreal! Doppelgangers! They had the exact same face and beards. Brothers?

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