1. whoever is the photographer of bench should be hanged! that’s a mortal sin to be copying artistic styles of renowned photographers. herb ritts must be getting annoyed in his grave now. i say that’s a total cheap shot and smacks of intellectual piracy!!!

  2. Can they do nothing original, for chrissakes? We’re already poor! Do we have to be copycats as well? Mediocre commercial (f)art directors.

  3. Pinoys are original... NOT

    TSK TSK TSK. Further proof that Filipinos are not synonymous with originality.

  4. wish bench could be more original noh? happy new year bb…..why doesn’t any of the fashion brands get you into their creative team? adds and billboards would’ve been more interesting.

  5. ang tagal ko nang nagbabasa ng blog na ito (fyi, i’ve been reading this fantastic blog for 2 or 3 years? I forgot, all I can remember is, I saw his interview in ANC with Daphne, I forgot what year is that), to continue, wala akong plans magbigay ng comment pero, sobra na tong panloloko na ito ng BENCH. Bilib pa naman ako sa kanila, akala ko madiskarte, pero magaling, magaling mang-gaya.
    Bilib ako sayo BB, nakikita mo tong mga ito! ang galing mo BB!
    sorry for my third world lingo. :P
    Terible ako sa English. :P
    All the best for 2009!

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