Grace Jones for V Magazine V57 Cover

Written By bryanboy

Grace Jones for V Magazine V57

Oh my fucking god. Ferosha to the max y'all!!! This is the BEST V Magazine cover I have EVER seen in the longest time! SMASHING!!!!


  1. Um, she’s a no-talent hack. When is the last time she put anything out that was worth a darn? Hell when has she ever?
    Demolition Man.. oh my that sucked horribly.

  2. “La Vie en Rose” is my inspiration song, the vanity and vanity world the D&G runway show is awsome. She is like Naomi the age donĀ“t pass for theirs. She rocks in this shoot “cigarretes sex and rock”!
    Cool posts bryanboy!

  3. Corporate Cannibal was hot. Whatchu talkin bout.
    She is a performance artist. Not Mariah Carey.
    Me love the gold eyebrows.

  4. christina aguilera wore the same hat in 2005, wow grace sure does recycle her stuff and it works on her fiercely than anybody!
    i read that grace went to italy and swam in one of the fountain naked, and the police came to escort her out of pool and get her arrested. when they arrive and asked grace what are you doing? she said—
    its fucking hot, bitch! please, now hand me my towel, thank you.

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