Dr Martens Primary Pascal Boots (8 Eye)

Written By bryanboy

Dr Martens Primary Pascal Boots (8 Eye)

Wow. Just wow! Check out these Dr Martens classic 8-eye boots in eye-catching colours. Love, love, love!

photo credit: oki-ni


  1. the colors are abnormally delicious! i can imagine they’re M&M chocolates shaped into boots!
    i dont care if i’ll be diagnosed of having diabetes of taking so much of these sweeeeet boots!

  2. Good lord! Those boots are amazing. I’m all for the yellow, blue and green, but the red ones look like something Ronald McDonald would wear – eesh!

  3. i think the yellow one is the best no? the other three look kind of weird dunno…

  4. Suggestion for the color: Any color but red. I know you’d pull it off, but there’s really a Ronald McDonald vibe to that pair.

  5. whatevahh

    Frankly, those are the ugliest effing boots I have ever seen in my entire life.

  6. go for gold . . .
    i mean green!!! definitely the green. it’s so spearminty and an odd shade
    i was going to buy the white percival shoe that they did last year, but i repented and decided against it . .i thought they looked like a hospital worker’s shoe. was i wrong?

  7. bb what do you think of kanye for vuitton? his sneakers remind me of these a little

  8. wow, converse did it 4 years ago, i’m not officially putting converse on the list of firsts but really, converse just kind of did it better. and i bought yellow too for merely $20
    doc martens? i’ll stick to burgundy (shines like leather sofa)

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