Dental Mouth Trays

Written By bryanboy

Dental Mouth Trays

Stained teeth are inevitable when you drink coffee by the gallon or, like me, have a very dangerous (pack to pack and a half) smoking habit. It's been three years I think since I last had a whitening session and now I wanna do it again. Bad enough that I have busted teeth let alone not-so-white busted teeth. I swear to god, Americans are the luckiest bastards out there. They ALL have perfect, straight, Hollywood-white smiles. To be honest with you, I've never met a yank with awful teeth. I think it's the water. Yes, it must be the water. Anyway, I recently went to the dentist to get some mouth trays done. Here's a shot of me biting into that plaster whatever thing that creates an accurate mold of your teeth.


  1. I think it actually is the water… something to do with fluoride and minerals… i’m not sure…
    However, I think you have a beautiful smile!

  2. It is in the water. I believe the US was the first country to put fluoride in their water system.
    So every glass they drink out of the tap they get a bit of fluoride.

  3. I myself, had a yellowish teeth and it is caused by over smoking and drinking coffee, and i tell you its so hard to whiten yellowish teeth due to that, specially when you cant quit on that vices. anyway, is there anyone out there knows what is the best treatment or whitening teeth product?I did teeth bleaching but still the stain remains in my teeth. Please help me on this. Thanks

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