Bryanboy at Nanluoguxiang Hutong, Beijing, China VIDEO

Written By bryanboy

Nanluoguxiang Hutong

I went to Beijing and all I got was a bloody t-shirt. Just kidding. Here’s a video of me mincing around the Nanluoguxiang Hutong district of Beijing. Hutongs are these traditional and ancient Chinese alleyways that are almost very rare to find in this city of enormous buildings.

Funny how my Spanish friend Ate Danica (the one with the green scarf) didn’t bat an eyelash when I walked past him. Hahaha! We were so pressed for time so I didn’t get the chance to check out each and every shop but I did end up buying a t-shirt that says “I <3 BJ”. Hysterical!


  1. Nanluoguxiang is a great street, especially at night! So many shops and cozy bars. :) I was just there several weeks ago. Shame you didn’t get much, there was a good amount of menswear abounds (of the insanely tiny variety as well…)

  2. Hahahaha I was soooo checking the Spanish Restaurant at the corner..! I loved that day Ateeeeee. Beijing is missing you..

  3. shar-shar

    Was it a plastered 8 shirt? I think I bought that exact same shirt when i was there!

  4. Your walk is really quite awk. haha.
    btw, the skinny jean is soon to be slaughtered, so I’d consider reinventing yourself a bit. Sometimes it’s a good thing.

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