Bobby Trendy is John Galliano's New Muse!!!

Written By bryanboy

Bobby Trendy is John Galliano’s New Muse!!!

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS I DIE. SHUT IT DOWN!!!! It’s official. Flamboyant gays rule the world!  Unfazed by my big papi Marc Jacob’s dabbling in gender bending tricks last season, haute couture maestro Uncle John Galliano saw the light and went to the extreme this year and made Bobby Trendy his new muse. Bobby Trendy, America’s leading paragon of style and whose polarizing
reputation is uninfluenced by others, is the new star of this season’s
high fashion spectacle!

Bobby Trendy and John Galliano menswear Fall/Winter 2009-2010


Here are a few looks from John Galliano’s Fall/Winter 2009 collection for men.

John Galliano homme automne hiver 2009 2010

John Galliano menswear fall winter 2009 2010

John Galliano menswear fall/winter 2009 2010

John Galliano homme automne hiver 2009 2010

This is Bobby Trendy.

Bobby Trendy

Bobby Trendy

Bobby Trendy

Bobby Trendy

And today, spotted at the Christian Dior Spring/Summer 2009 haute couture show in Paris…

John Galliano

John Galliano Bobby Trendy is dat chu?

I give up.

What are we gonna do now, big papi Marc?


  1. I love it! But BB you were a muse to your papi Marc before him OKAY! You were the first gay asian muse….I think anyways! You just have to outfierce…and that’s no problem for you!
    Shame we didn’t get top chill and hang out while I was in the Phils!

  2. BT’s style is regular. The tulle netting occurrs repeatedly from time to time. No wonder, Little Mermaid doesnt want to come near him/her/it.
    Cant wait to see you two sashay down the runway and outfierce each other donned in your most outlandish, fashion-forwardest togs!
    Dont forget you’re far skinnier than him/her/it!
    Work it outtttttttttttt BB!

  3. no worries bb, all he has is those birthday cake ribbons.. HA! you’re still THE number 1 muse of fashion. **xx

  4. NOW do you know why I want a (flamBOYant)gay best friend so bad?! I got no one to talk haute couture with! Going crazy…
    I still prefer you, Beebz.
    Ingat ka.

  5. BlissBoo

    I seriously hope you are being sarcastic with your comments about BT. BT is a JOKE. An attention seeking whore with no scruples. You have class and style. You attention seek, but do it with class and flair. I wouldn’t even state that BT is a muse, that will only give him the fuel to take it to the press and blah blah blah more than he already does. Tulle comes and goes in fashion and I doubt BT was the inspiration for it. If he was, then JG needs to take some time off.

  6. BB you are wayy more chic than Miss Trendy and way classier. Trendy = Canal St. Knockoff of BB.

  7. BB you should show them how to gender bend. You look way better than unlce John.

  8. I really don’t like the way he dress up like a gay festivel it’s like a nightmare of fashion… and keep skinny BB.

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