Blake Lively – Vogue February 2009

Written By bryanboy

Blake Lively – Vogue Cover February 2009

Gossip Girl's Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) is on the cover of American Vogue.


  1. i hate blake lively, her face is so long and the bone shape is… weird. so painful to watch her scenes in GG.

  2. Blake Lively is pioneering the new breed of american celebrity! She is Beyond 3000!

  3. isn’t she young to be on that cover? this is not vouge, this is seventeen.

  4. ooOoo she looks kinda different here in this marilyn monroe style photo. way better than on GG. love ur blog BB!


    Well, if Vogue isn’t giving it’s covers to models, at least they gave us a beautiful cover.

  6. the concept is cool but ew i hate blake lively too, however shes better than that fat annoying leighton meester.

  7. absolutely love blake lively, no brings it on GG like her. Her character Serena Van Der Woodsen however, is quite annoying with her constant yoyo personality and unnecessary mood swings.
    Loving this nevertheless. Good job Ms.Wintour, you always know how to make a cover sell.

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