Atheist Bus in London – There's Probably No God.

Written By bryanboy

Praise Jesus

Allelujah! You know these buses that are currently going around London at the moment? Well, it looks like they're gonna have similar campaigns in Italy, Australia, Spain and Canada.

photo credit: flickr


  1. andrei.c

    “where’s your god when you’re sucking dick and nuts? Oh yes. Jesus saves!”
    NO COMMENT. hahaha. im hardcore gay catholic btw.

  2. now i hate you for posting this. i’am not that faithful myself but i can’t take this kind of blasphemy. and for what? just because the economy is shrinking? unacceptable.
    “forgive them Father for they do not know what they’re doing”.

  3. sicarminaisanghari

    when catholic gays suck dick, they’re also on their knees. parang praying din dava? hahaha

  4. You can’t expect to be treated fairly and equally for being gay, and at the same time say hateful bigoted things about the religious.
    Of course how would you know what you are doing, you are brainwashed into liking cock*
    *Not that I believe that, I am just showing you how silly and hateful your statements come off like.

  5. crinkleton

    God provides.
    Even the dicks and nuts that you are chewing right now.

  6. debunking the Lord’s existence doesn’t make you chic or beautiful, Bryan. Just so you know…

  7. Hi BB,
    I expect a lot of your readers ( and maybe even politicians will take advantage of this ) to be flooding your site to condemn on what you’ve commented. I respect your opinion.

  8. it only goes to prove i was right :)
    in any case, opinions are like butts. everyone has one and is entitled to.

  9. Either God is nonexistant, a clock maker, or just a selfish idiot. Either way, that’s not a god worth praying for.
    I’d pay these buses to roam around manila, which will probably be pegged by feces from the ignorant massa. stupid poor people and their 20 children.

  10. Now your just ignorant – grow up comments like make things worse. You have really but me off you now, and I was very fond of u

  11. omg i love it! too bad these ads would never come to the US people would go nutz!

  12. now another disgusting topic to post?
    BB, as much as we love u from the hayyy day till now, we kinda see this post is .. unethically annoying.
    now get back to ur “hoo-haa” post, whoring urself and more more about fashions!
    we dun want this website turn out to be so nasty Ate!
    baboosh betch,

  13. kokonot123

    i feel that just as much as catholics et al can believe god exists, some other people can believe what we want to, that he doesn’t exist. or really don’t care if we go to hell for sucking dick

  14. lowell …
    it’s only blasphemous when he (bryanboy) is the same church as you are. But if he does not believe in god or in your religion then it’s not appropriate to imposed your rules to others.
    How would you feel if a Muslims/Mormon/Afghan etc started to imposed their moral beliefs to you?

  15. yes. It shows that Bryanboy is courageous. He thinks independently.
    For most of you guys, you need to step of your boundaries. There is a bigger world out there that your culture or religion.
    Experience the world. Accept differences.

  16. brave & brown

    One can live a moral life — without delusions, without religion, without a god.
    I love being an atheist.

  17. I love you bryan, but i think you stepped a little further. A religious straight person, men or women can suck genital parts as well, married or non-married, so why take it on gays who sucks and licks nuts and cock. Never question or comment on a person’s personal religious beliefs. Its also a form of throwing stones. This is one of the example’s why sometimes its better to shut up. : )

  18. Just something off with the second line and third lines of the copy. The first line is okay and is perfectly legitimate to express.
    It’s the connection of the second and third to the first line. Whoever fashioned the message is quite limited about spirituality and religion anyway: he/she/it (if it is an organization) presupposes that people on earth worry because they would be punished for enjoying pleasures and that God doesn’t like people enjoying themselves.
    Now, that, for me, is quite bigoted in its view of people who believe in God,enjoy themselves, but worry anyway. We worry of course (it’s only called being human, eh) and not in any way connected whether we believe in God or not.
    Just a test: ditch your religion/belief in God almighty and see if worrying about your life, your loved ones, your hair, whatevs, would disappear. LOL.

  19. yes, your very true. what i know is i give my best when i kneel, whether in church or somewhere else. LOL

  20. Fauzi Rassull

    BryanBoy, you know theres this motherfucker below who used my name to comment.
    I would never do that. Low life scumbag i see =))

  21. Now this guy is just plain stupid. Stop blaming the poor for their shortcomings!

  22. these buses make me happy. and i have the same opinion on overly religious nuts. they don’t do anyone, any good.


    Bryan..I do love this post!!!! Someone who sucks dick (I mean gays) CANNOT be catholic! It is not what their bible teaches them. If you love sucking dick and you’re a catholic…then you are a big HYPOCRITE!!! Truth hurts.
    Better get another religion.

  24. i do not need the kind of “enlightenment” you are talking’s just i know there is a God.

  25. so try to make the same ad with allah on it and see how the muslims would react to that.a bomb perhaps? as always, religion or belief isn’t a good topic to talk about.
    i wasn’t mad at BB for this, it’s just frightening.

  26. i love this post. what i love more is people telling you not to post things like this as if it were their blog and not yours, bb.

  27. allgoodthings

    How can there be atheists if it’s so clear that God exists? We have already seen that our knowledge of God is not direct but indirect through a reasoning process. And in this process, other factors intervene coming from outside reason, such as will, emotions, environmental influences, etc. In addition to this, our reasoning process itself is not infallible. Man’s denial of God therefore is a real possibility.
    Atheism involves the intervention of the will: they really want to deny God. Why so? Because it is impossible to prove conclusively that God does not exist since he is entirely beyond the direct reach of our reason. In this sense, the agnostic position is less unreasonable, since it does not deny that God exists. Therefore, since no argument can conclude certainly that God does not exist, one needs to want to be an atheist in order to be one. The conclusion is not that God does not exist, but rather, I don’t want God to exist because it would be very uncomfortable since then I would have to renounce things which I am not willing to give up.
    It’s just funny the world is such a better place without God – divorce, abortion, euthanasia, financial crisis, war, poverty, despair and increasing suicide rates. Yeah, hats off to man w/out God. We’re such ridiculous creatures.
    As Pascal puts it, “The knowledge of God without a perception of man’s misery causes pride, and the knowledge of man’s misery without a perception of God causes misery.”
    Nice post BB.

  28. someday, when you’re in hell, you’d call for a God you thought didn’t exist.

  29. hey, dicks and nuts are considered graces of the lord, aren’t they? sabi nga nila, bawal tanggihan ang grasya.

  30. just because they’re muslim doesnt mean they’d blow it up you re-re. why would you even say that……ur so discriminatory.

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