1 Minute Makeover

Written By bryanboy

1 Minute Makeover

His name is Pete and he's from the UK. You know them Brits, part of their charm is that they're the scruffy and rough distant cousins of the finer-featured Europeans. Lemme show you what a difference a minute of fixing can do to one's appearance.



  1. vulva_volvo

    I beg to disagree, about us. If i may so, please do not generalise. Scruffy ones are those on the low income bracket, minimum wage earners and on jobseekers allowance. (oh, they have Primark)

  2. Ioan Parry

    don’t give in mate, keep up the scruff. did you feel somewhat abused with a slick over?? ‘chicka-chicka-yeeeah!!’

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