Voguing it.

Written By bryanboy

Voguing it.

I have a dilemma. I have 24-48 hours to produce NEW high-resolution photos that represent me and my blog in a nutshell. For Vogue. Which edition? I can't tell. How will I achieve this when it's New Year's Eve tomorrow? What to wear? Where to shoot? What about the hair? I have absolutely no idea but lemme tell you… it truly is such an honor. It's every little girl's dream so rest be assured I'm gonna bend over backwards, flip and do cartwheels (figuratively not literally) over the next day or so because it's for Vogue. I'll let you know when it's out on the newsstands.

Unfortunately, it's not as easy as standing in front of a mirror doing a Myspace shot. LOL


  1. God.. you’re so fierce.
    You should wear the BB bag, Noeud Papillons, Sexy Gloves, Nothing on your hairs or something verrryyy little.. lanvin shirt or something fashion.. Be Yourself/Natural.

  2. If this is for French Vogue I’m gonna totally lick your ass BB! Can’t wait.

  3. Hi BB! I’m very curious, where is your sweater/shirt/dress from?? I think it’s really cute! Very Jeremy Scott!

  4. Hello BB.omgg!! I know you’re online cause eileen just commented and you replied so fastt!!!!

  5. Damn, i wanna mail you a scan and now i can’t find my l’officiel anymore… I’m going to turn my room upside down

  6. Sorry, just saw this post as I’ve been travelling and internet-free. Has anyone volunteered yet to get you that magazine? I’m in NL and can try and get it when the shops reopen this week. If I do, where shall I mail it to as post office is near the store?

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