Takipsilim aka Filipino Twilight (Rayver Cruz, Shaina Magdayao)

Written By bryanboy

Takipsilim aka Filipino Twilight

People often question me why I rarely blog about what goes on in the wonderful world of third world showbiz. Well, I've said it many times — it simply doesn't interest me. I've been getting a ton of emails from people with a link to Perez Hilton's blog entry about Takipsilim aka the Filipino version of Twilight.

Some random fan photoshopped this "poster" featuring Rayver Cruz and Shaina Magdayao.

Takipsilim TV Series starring Rayver Cruz and Shaina Magdayao

Here we go again. One of the networks produced Lipgloss earlier this year (or should I say LIPGROSS), which is pretty much a Gossip Girl rip-off and now, Takipsilim? A reader of mine (who is just as revolted as I am) from Chile pointed out that it's worse because they're doing it for television.


Moving along…


  1. i was reading the comments on Perez’s blog regarding this topic and I was laughing my ass off!

  2. having a crappy Gossip Girl Filipino version is already enough…
    I do not agree with this one but well, what can i do?? online petitions doesn’t work anyway and there’s no stopping ABS-CBN if they could bag a lot of moolah for this one…
    IMHO, we, Filipinos, should instead do remakes of our classic films/tv series than copying concepts that came from other countries… or better yet create something original that we could flaunt to the whole wide world.

  3. “Disgusting” as what my 8 and 10 year old twilight fanatic kids would say.
    ABSCBN should be more creative and original.
    You should teach them BB about creativity.

  4. ABS – CBN is wasting tons of payroll money to copycat writers, jeez, could they be any worse???!!!!

  5. all our local writers are retarded. they don’t have a brain to come up with good original ideas. all they do is copy. utterly disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. anonymous

    :| OKAY. EUW. :|:-&
    They could`ve just made a new show/film inspired by Twilight, but not a Filipino remake of it. 8| This sucks. :|

  7. the word ugly just got concretized, seriously
    anu kaya susunod nilang gagayahin? ay alam ko na!
    desperate housewives…kadiri!

  8. Paul Bryan Garcia

    Just when I thought movies couldn’t get any cheaper!Comments in Perez’s blog are so backward.They criticize Takipsilip thinking their version is a masterpiece.The book and the movie are both cheesy.

  9. OMG. This is so repulsive. I’m filipino-canadian, and seeing this is horrible. WHY CAN’T producers in the Philippines, think of any good shit to direct/film. How embarrassing is this? i can’t even believe it. And this is for television? like a ‘teleserye’? wtfffffff!

  10. Why the heck do they always give us reasons to bury ourselves gazillion feet under?

  11. i want to cry… this is so absurd! i can’t imagine Filipinos do things like these… these has gone enough… I think all the tagalized versions of such songs are coming from the ABS-CBN network and it really sucks! The next thing I don’t wanna hear is the HARRY POTTER tagalized version! SHIT!

  12. Ew? This is going to sooo NOT sell. I’m from the Philippines and avid reader and fan of the Twilight series, and I think they should STOP this because it’s SO gonna ruin Twilight. :/ And “Takipsilim”? What a joke! XD

  13. albeitalways

    …and you thought the local film industry couldn’t have degraded any lower…
    …personally, i really don’t give so much of a damn to this whole twilight shenanigans, but if ABS is going to attract attention from the international community–they better damn do more than good, they have to surpass even amazing to maneuver their way out of utter embarrassment..
    …i’m going to do something out of character and give them the benefit of doubt: this one has the potential to tap to the market should indeed ABS does any of the following things:
    1.) adapt twilight to the filipino culture, not the other way around like translating twilight to tagalog…
    ex. Edward to Edwardo!? WTF?
    the town of Forks → Tinidor… *dies of shame*
    2.) a little bit of originality wouldn’t kill them now would it? instead of blindly transferring every single word of the book to TV…
    …so i guess it’s up to be seen whether this one is going to be the greatest laughingstock of year ’09 or an unexpected masterpiece of the year…

  14. It’s a hoax. Some rabid ABS-CBN fan posted this on a messageboard, just pure wishful thinking on his part one week ago. That poster is known for starting nonsense, hoax threads.
    One week after, Yehey.com picks it up and its snowballed. Yehey did not check its sources, did NOT interview anyone from ABS-CBN, and was overall very sloppy in its reporting. The sad thing is that it was picked up worldwide.
    The poster who started it has long since disappeared. He’s probably laughing his head off.
    So, don’t worry guys, it’s a HOAX

  15. Patrick Garcia I guess is more suited for the Edward Cullen role.
    But still, the whole idea of making it a teleserye is pathetic.

  16. There’s nothing wrong with his lips. They’re perfectly made for suc**ng. BA DA BOM!

  17. Oh gross. My ex is in the movie and his role gets bigger as the book progresses.. this just means that there will be a Filipino version of him. oh dear!!

    Multiply.com will be filled with Takipsilim ads soon, fersure.
    Stay tacky, ABS-CBN! Fuck you gently.

  19. to aurora:
    i sure hope so! 2008 is already bad enough, let’s not start 2009 with this preposterous “feat” :(

  20. duude this is so stupid why whould you make something like this cant people make something on their own. im a filipina but copy america, thats just stupid please dont let this happend i mean like seriously this is stupid. Twilight is already a good movie dont make it worse by making it a teleseria. stupid idea everybodys gonna hate it.

  21. ok?..So what the fuck is wrong with you people!..if you really care for twilight you dont need to do this..this is so fucking stupid!..You are so copycats!..and kind of embarassing!..coz yeah..im also a pinay!..but please for god’s sake!..this is really a stupid thing to do!..dont try to embarrased yourselves..!

  22. bryanboypinoyfan

    ano itech ang channel 2 kahit kailan napaka mangagaya parang gusto kong buhusan ng tubig sa fecang si lola charo sa mga pinapalabas ng walang kwenta nilang tv station
    at napaka chakarlet pa ng artistang chimpiririt na kinuha ang pokers na shupatembang ng laos na feeling sikat na si vina mae morales ahhhhhhhhhhh…..
    tlagang walang ka kwenta kwenta

  23. shemai naman oh!kababuyan!wala na talaga kaung originality!!kahit yang ugly betty!!
    aar kau!!lahat na gayahin niyo!! sa sobrang gayagaya niyo bakit kaya d niyo nalang gawing teleserye ang buhay ng pang gagaya niyo!!!
    tanga niyo!kita niyo naman na ayaw ng mga pinoy na gayahin niyo gagayihin niyo parin!!!!sabagay kau naman malulugi!ung mga manood niyan kailangan niyo pa bayaran para lang panoorin!! :P
    makakakarma kau!!
    d yang papatok na takipsilim na to!ang dami n!!alas 1/4 lang manood nito sa boung Pilipinas eh!tanga kasi kau eh!!maggagaya na nga lang mali pa ung napiling tittle and characters!!!
    magstaystay kapuso na talaga ko!!sapagkat ayoko sa mga gayagaya!
    mga maduga!makosincya naman kau!!
    pag kami nakabawi,kami ngaun tinatapakan niyo, hmp! magimpaki na kau!!
    mga na kakabanas na tau!!
    merry christmas nalang abs-cbn habang nandyan pa kau! :P

  24. Like, LIPGROSS… this is sooo darn stupid. Are they trying to ruin everything that is all and well in this world?
    SO stupid.

  25. takipsilim SUCKS!!!!!
    it is such a STUPID idea and i wonder who thought of making a brilliant work into an idiot translation….

  26. eeeewwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i think its just a piece of junk!!!bgyan nioh naman ng kahihiyan ang mga pilipino..im xure nd i2 mgi2ng hit!duh????i hope nd ma2loy 2ng khi2yan na 2…eeer!!!

  27. i agree this coming remake of twilight will really suck donkey! and wtf?! rayver cruz as edward??? I know I’m Filipino and all but this is just too far. I’ll just laugh my face off when this comes out hahaha!

  28. Blood Lust

    I am a super kapamilya, I’d stuck to ABS-CBN for as long as I can remember. I let you copy international shows, and even watched some, but this is going too far~!
    Please, please, please stop this nonsense and just write other concepts. You can only tagalize so much. Twilight does not deseve to be murdered like this!
    Shaina? Rayver?! NO Freaking way~! Takipsilim? You have got to be kidding me!!!!

  29. i agree with you. i saw agree with you. the american version i love… but they can hardly capture edward and bella’s chemistry (except the kissing scene!), or edward’s character. i am just so upset over this. i am a bit relieved that a lot are saying it isn’t true. oh, i’m keeping my fingers crossed. i so hope they won’t destroy a lovely story.

  30. dear abscbn,
    if you still have shame on yourself, better cancel this thing off before you get larger criticisms than this.
    This is so absurd.
    If your company is failing in the rating game and loosing track in the Philippine Stock Exchange, then please, this is not the solution. Be Ashamed!

  31. brian nils

    one word: Kadiri!
    anung ka-animalan yan???
    Cheapness central tlga ang Pinoy Showbiz! Lalo na yang ABS-CBN! Sooo gross parang c Christy Fermin! Eeeewwww!

  32. I honestly want to see how they would do this. I love Filipino movies more than American ones. :|
    Geez, why the hell do you have to make such a fuss about this? Do you really think you would stop them from doing it? I think it’s a great idea, considering that it has to be absolutely perfect. I think it could actually work. With the right cast, I think it will.
    So stop flaming and just see what we can do, why are you going against localizing a foreign movie? Give it a try. :|

  33. hello!!! have some originality nman! twilight fan ako at hindi ako papayag dito! nyahahah… ano na lng sasabhin ng iba tungkol dito! haay.. grabeh lahat na lng gnaya!

  34. Is there like some kind of ‘official’ proof that this TAKIPSILIM shitz and all that is just a RUMOR?! ohh please they’re ruining the best thing that ever happened in this world: TWILIGHT. fuck that. Come on now… there’s gotta be more originality than that!

  35. genesis =]

    gosh …is this TRUE ???
    haaiisst ..
    pdi na c shaina ..
    but rayver ?!!!
    gwapo nga siya BUT …yiiiihhh !!!
    bastah !!he’s NOT fitted to do the role of EDWARD Cullen !!!
    sana wag nilang ibahin story if true nga..
    errrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!

  36. sus oi. filipino tv is a toilet full of shit already.. why shiit more into the bowl? its a shiity idea

  37. takipsilim suckzz!

    ABS-CBN..hindi nyo ba alam ung word na ORIGINALITY ?? EEWW kaya ung twilight tagalog version..mga tanga nag isip nun..tignan nyo nga ung characters..nakakatawa talaga! lahat na ginaya! baka maisipan nyo rin gayahin ung HARRY POTTER ha..kadiri!!

  38. eilselcullen

    urgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how dare that stupid abs cbn try to immitate such wonderful story???!!! what the hell are they thinking????!!!! urgh!!!!! TAKIPSILIM????? RUBBISH!!!! DATS TOTALLY RUBBISH!!!!!!! I CANT TAKE THIS!!!!!! I REALLY CANT!!!!!!! THERE’S NO WAY THAT BOY’S GOING TO BE AN EDWARD CULLEN!!!!!!!!!!!! ID RATHER DIE THAN TO WITNESS SUCH… SUCH… TRASH!!!! THE WORD DOESNT EVEN FITS!!!!! URGH!!!!!! ABS CBN SUCKS!!!!!

  39. I’m 100%ABSOLUTELY AGAINST this “TAKIPSILIM” twilight version can’t they just think of other movie to remake?!!!!!! just not this one I REALLY HATE IT!!!!!. just look at the picture of the stars It’s so UNLIKE the real TWILIGHT!!! SAY NO TAKIPSILIM!!!!

  40. Nakakahiya kau!!!Grabe kayo mkareact as if sure tlga kau na may tagalog version tlga!!Hindi ba kau nanonood ng blita?Its pretty much sure na wlang tgalog version ang twilight and ABS management even made an statement that its not true!!

  41. Filipinos can write well, yet they tend to just copy stories and add a bit of filipino taste.
    hopefully they change ALL Programs soon. you can see nothing but people crying. DEPRESSING =[

  42. that sucks lipgloss is alreadyyyy way overboard what more if takipsilim pursues?

  43. Edward: If leaving is the right thing to do, then I’ll hurt you, to keep you safe.
    Bella: And you don’t think I would do the same?
    Edward: You’d never have to make a choice.

  44. sowws!!!wg n keo mag deny ABS-CBN d nio lng ngus2han ung mga comment ng iba jn sa TAKIPSILIM nio e d nio na 22loi,baduy na ung show nio mga baduy pa ung artista nio jn.

  45. The American version will always be better.
    Gosh, Filipinos have to copy everything.
    Cruz is a horrible actor anyway.

  46. alyssa reyes

    nothing will be the same in twilight.
    naiintindihan naman naten and original version nito diba???
    so no need to have filipino version naman!!!!!

  47. allaine

    alam nyo hindi bagay sinira nyo lang ang seputasyon ng mga fans ng twilight pati ang baduy wla talagang originality ang 2

  48. takipsilim FUCK!!!

    kadiri tlga kau..
    pls nmn.
    wala tlga kaung originality..
    cra n nga ang reputasyon nio ccrain nio pa lalo..
    i2 ang pinakanakakasira niong panggagaya..
    fyi..ang dmi nio n pong ginaya na palabas..
    mga imitator kau..

  49. I know naman its not true…wag nyo namang awayin bcoz my heart din sila noh! saka,wala alam sina shaina and rayver dun…kasi imbento lng nmn yun eh,.. shaina…go gurl!!! keri mo yan, d me mapapagod sa pagsuporta sayo…rayver go din!!! agawin u na c shaina kay John, grabe…hehe…

  50. filing mu nman n nag comment of takipsilim…duhhh???maganda kaya f may pinay version lalo n kung si shaina…she’s a good actress also rayver…
    d magsuid kapuso k qng gsto mo…
    well how about marimar?isn’t it n ginaya dn…
    kapal mu ah…hndi k manlang nag iicp s mga cnsbi against abs…

  51. eleka_10@hotmail.com

    They should not release this. It is PLAGIARISM!.. they can be sued for this and the bail is not going to be cheap considering its dollars.

  52. wtf, why would you do this? In your spare time? Photoshop a movie poster into a Filipino poster?
    haha, it gave me a laff though. teeheee

  53. waahh..!!
    maniniwala naman kayo,
    ginagawa lang nila ito dahil sa entertainment noh..
    pinoy talaga,
    mangagaya nga tayo pero ang mas mahirap sa atin ‘”gaunayon nato ang kapwa” or tinitira natin kapwa natin..

  54. ieeew!!!
    i really dun lyk it
    sinisira nla ung ganda at pagkaromantic ng vampire empire ni edward cullen.!!!
    sa totoo lang,maganda naman c shaina gwapo c rayver…PERO!
    ang pangit tingnan na ginaya nila ang twilight!
    walang originality!
    un..un..un…un un ang sasabhin ng maraming tao sa abs-cbn kung gagayahin nila ang twilight

  55. Pauline, Meg, Hal

    wtf pplz!!! dude, do not support this stupid no originality movie! omg, you know, if you guys are gonna support this crap, you might as well support an indian version of twilight!! if there is any. isnt that plain gross?? exactly. now please, dont support.

  56. thats a mess!!…OMG..di man lang kau nahiya!..
    napakalocal!..walang originality!…
    Im a big fan of twilight!..
    leave twilight alone..!..

  57. hate annoying twilight fans

    oh please.. a bunch of pa-class, over-acting, obnoxious, “Filipino-hating” Filipinos over here.
    First of, I know, this was confirmed to be untrue by ABS BUT let’s just assume that this was true.
    So what?!?!
    It’s not like the show is intended for YOU Twilight fans. It would have probably be a way to introduced the story to the Filipino masses.
    Ans why is it automatically labeled as baduy or gaya-gaya when Filipinos produced remakes?
    I don’t hear anyone accusing the US of being gaya-gaya for doing a Betty La Fea remake.
    And let’s just say it turned out to be campy.. who cares!?! can’t you watch it for laughs?
    Dragonball live action is such a stupid excuse for a rip-off but still, people will watch it “for laughs”..
    Why can’t the same be applied to Takipsilim..
    Let’s just try to be objective in judging our own.
    Kung matalino kang tao, alam mo na kapag gawang Pinoy ay hindi kagad pangit. Pag-isipan muna bago maghusga.
    Sa bagay, Twilight fans nga ang nag-react e, ano ba ang aasahan sa kanila.. It’s not like matalino ang usual readers ng Twilight.

  58. hate annoying twilight fans

    hindi “gagayahin”, remake ang gagawin.. katulad ng pag-remake ng US sa Betty La Fea at kung ano ano pang show na ni remake nila like Queer as Folk (?) at Coupling.
    Yung mindset lang kasi nating mga Pilipino (at least, ibang mga Pilipino), minsan, porke tayo ang may gawa, pangit na.
    besides, Twilight is not that great, story wise. Yes, in some way interesting, PERO ang daming loopholes.
    see: http://applesparkles.wikia.com/wiki/Frozen_Apples

  59. my_broken_dark_heart@hotmail.com

    far out how far will they go??

  60. kapal talaga ng mga mukha ninyo……………
    hndi bagay c rayver maging edward,hndi sya nangalahati kay edward cullen

  61. glenda

    sana poh wag nyo ng gayahin ung twilight……
    na takipsilim…..
    wla na poh ba talaga tyong originality…….
    mga pinoy…..
    un Lng….
    more power sa abscbn….
    god bless u……

  62. hey hey uat da hell ….. uag nlng kaung kumontra kc GMA man or ABS-CBN pareho lng gnagaya ang mga ibang movie drama nyo d nlng kau manood kung ayaw nyo uag nyo twilight fan din me nuh guapo kaya ni EDWARD CULLEN pero bayaan nyu nlng cla kc kinaklaro lng nla sa ibang tao kung ano ang punto ng storya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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