Slumdog Millionaire the Movie (Trailer)

Slumdog Millionaire the Movie (Trailer)

Written By bryanboy

Slumdog Millionaire

I HAVE to see this film. I have to. There must be a way for me to see this movie in spite of me living in the third world, without having to wait for the DVD.

Help, anyone?


  1. Hi bryan!
    I like your site… I could swing my fist to your face. nyahaha! Joke lang!
    I’m honestly amused with your insights on fashion. Keep it up!

  2. Amazing as I have just finished reading the book that I think this movie is based on – Q&A by Vikas Swarup. Read if you have time (perhaps on your next flight?) – its very funny. I had no idea they were doing a movie.

  3. This movie was amazing! So worth seeing it in a movie theater though I can see if it hasn’t reached the Phillipines yet. Oscar contender, I think this movie is worth going on my fav movies list!

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