Balmain’s Five-Figure Dresses

Recession? What recession? Perhaps you should ask Christophe Decarnin that question the next time you see him. The House of Balmain, as you know, is currently going through a resurgence, thanks to the blessing of the ultra chic Vogue Paris team.

Anyway, some of Christophe’s latest confections are now available for purchase online.

Strapless mini-dress (€15,574), tulle ankh gown (€15,574) and one-sleeved gathered and torn mini-dress (€15,314) all by Balmain.

I’d like to point out that never in the history of the internet I have seen CURRENT-SEASON dresses being sold at this price point on teh interwebs. I’ve seen other high-ticket items being sold online such as jewelry, watches, cars, etc but current season ready-to-wear?

Click click click!

A lot of high-fashion retailers are being safe with their selections especially in these wild times of global financial turmoil so it’s extremely fascinating how Luisa Via Roma in Italy have decided to carry these high-ticket runway pieces from Balmain.

With that being said, all three dresses come in one size only — French 38. They’re available for pre-order and they’ll arrive at the store on/around the last week of March. 

Balmain one-sleeved gathered and torn mini-dress, €15,314 (approx US$17,870)

Balmain one-sleeved torn mini dress

On the runway worn by Magdalena Frackowiak.

Balmain Printemps Été 2009 défilés défilé worn by Magdalena Frackowiak

Balmain strapless mini-dress, €15,574 (approx US$18,170)

Balmain strapless mini dress

On the runway worn by Snejana Onopka.

Balmain Spring Summer 2009 dress worn by Snejana Onopka

Balmain tulle ankh gown, €15,574 (approx US$18,170)

On the runway worn by Snejana Onopka.

Balmain Spring 2009 Summer dress worn by Snejana Onopka

Curious about the crystal-studded sandals

Balmain shoes; crystal-studded sandals

They’re also for sale at €1,475 or approx US$1,720.

MADNESS EH? What do y’all think?

photo credits: catwalking, luisa via roma