1. stlobelie

    Why dont you just buy canon powershot A640 ? you dont need any pods to be a camwhore… ;)

  2. Ahahahaha… ASG ba itrey? After Sex Glow much? hahaha…in fairness si bakla nakakareli na…Ahahaha… You look great with him… Smile teh…:)

  3. hay naku manay bryan, wagi ka na naman talaga, dahil sa iyong mahiwagang (g)anda! devah ditsie, para kang nanalo sa lotto bruhilda ka! ingit kami talaga dahil kay steve, ang bago mong hada!
    best of luck bryan!

  4. i want your clothes, the hot birkin bag and steve as a bonus…im not gonna laugh coz im not joking! if u ever go to singapore..ako bahala sa accommodation mo..

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