Poseur by Rachel Maude (Book 1)

Written By bryanboy

Poseur by Rachel Maude

Whenever random pundits ask me for my favourite books I always tell them "I don't read. I'm read to." Does Us Weekly or Grazia count? Just kidding. I seriously wish I read more books but I simply do not have the luxury of time. I'm the type of person who likes to read books from start to finish all in one sitting. Also, when you think about it, the best way to improve one's vocabulary is through reading. Is it obvious that I don't read enough? Y'all should know by now how illiterate I am, even a fourteen year old writes better than I do. Hah!

Hmmm.. Tai, Dionne, Cher is dat chu? Clueless is dat chu?


  1. I only read the 2nd book in the series, but i loved that.Hope you”ll enjoy it:)

  2. “I don’t read. I’m read to.” KAREN WALKER(from Will and Grace) IS DAT CHU!!???

  3. mackymilian

    I read this book! Its fun and quirky and has all the subcultures of fashion – The hipster, the glam, the indie, the urban!! So goood!

  4. Dude considering that you write about inconsequential shit on this blog its quite obvious you don’t read. And reading “chick-lit” is like all those people who read “twilight” and “harry potter” thinking that [reading thrillers] makes them literary. Like you said yourself when you were looking for an assistant, so many of the people who read this blog are stupid that they won’t really notice whether you sound inane or otherwise. Because they are inane themselves.

  5. Rachel Maude

    Ooo… obsessive, shameful self-googling has lead me to you bryanboy. Puh-romise me you will read my book while wearing your Chanel pearls?
    Rachel Maude
    P.S. You are so my new favorite person.

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