Meet Sascha Babic

Meet Sascha Babic

Written By bryanboy

Meet Sascha Babic

So tell me my third world readers, how does Sascha Babic, from Germany, make you feel?

If you think that’s bone-chilling, wait till you watch this. Bikini mong itim ialay mo sakin? WTF. Takutan ba itech? Gurl tumambling lang naman ako with his mad pinoy karaoke skills! J’adore!!!!!!!



  1. this way better than exchange students saying “para po” inside public vehicles.

  2. hahaha! the first video he was really Bryan! how in the world did you taught your hot men how to sing Tagalog?! hahaha! i love it!

  3. LOL, bring yan sa Pilipinas, bibigyan yan ni Mother Lily ng career, remember Tom Babauta and Danny Vanny, go!

  4. oh my! sascha fierce!
    ang galing naman…tumbling talaga ko sa tagalog skills..keep it up! :)

  5. jake is sooooo right. bring him down here and either someone will give him an instant career. prolly kuya germs.

  6. hey guys!
    First i wanna say MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT to Bryan for posting my vids to his famous blog!!!!!
    And of course, thank you all for your NAJZ comments!!!!

  7. rachel zoe references, anyone? it seems you watch the show… i’m kind of shocked, and wanting her to do another season.

  8. oh god.. havent really posted any comment on bb blogs.. but sasha.. is hott!! i love a man hu loves anything pinoy.. heck i love myself for being pinoy.. rock on sasha!
    ps: wer r u? lol..

  9. foxy_chick

    I luuurrrrvvvvv iiiittttt! If he wasnt gay, I’d want him! I never realized whites loving anything pinoy could be soo H-O-T!

  10. OMFG…so hot…I still cant F-ing Believe that he sings those songs? biking itim??? WTF…but strangely hot..

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