Malaysia International Fashion Week 2008

Written By bryanboy

Malaysia International Fashion Week 2008

Yes, I'm still alive… and no, I'm not going anywhere.

I apologize for the lack of updates in the past few days. I left my camera's cable at home and it was only until yesterday that I was able to go to a shop to buy one. It's been kerrrazzzy! As most of you already know, I'm in Kuala Lumpur for the Spring 2009 Malaysia International Fashion Week.


  1. BB, nice to see that you’re back. Ive been checking your site and see nothing has been updated since the 25th. Initially thought something went wrong but Im glad you’re perfectly fine and its only the camera cable that led you not updating your blog…. tc.
    Are you by any chance going to neighboring Singapore? let us know..
    xoxo Greg

  2. OMG yay bryanboy you’re back! I thought something went wrong when you didn’t post. Ooh and get to the updates, with LOTS and LOTS of pics! oh yes and you got a mention in Singapore’s Project Smitten december issue, page 124, in the feature ‘click picks: fashion bloggers’. I’ve got the issue, but i don’t have a scanner :( just thought you wanted to know about the mention!

  3. Not so interested in the fashion, but certainly looking forward to your naughty escapades behind the scenes. Go B-boy, go! (applause)

  4. bb darling. just so you know ,you got this fan (or minion as you call us) worried about your disappearing act. bad, bb! your rump needs some serious swatting for being so bad. next time you travel, you better make sure you got that cord with you. mwah!

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