Maison Martin Margiela White Suit Jacket SALE

Written By bryanboy

Maison Martin Margiela White Suit Jacket SALE

It's 5:49AM. I should be sleeping right now but here I am trolling the internet because of all the sales. I can't sleep at all. It's driving me insane! 

This white Maison Martin Margiela suit jacket is somehow calling my name. I don't know why.

photo credit: eluxury


  1. fashionpriest

    it is a beautiful jacket… i would say go get it if it was in black or any other colour…. white. it is just gonna sit in ur cupboard forever.
    save urself for something ferocious

  2. Derrick

    As a slender man who also has to buy women’s jackets for fit, Bryan, I have to say that despite this jacket looking masculinely cut, Margiela has this annoying obsession with shoulder pads.
    I have a women’s Margiela jacket, and I have my tailor take the shoulder pads out. That being the case, she tells me they are put in — with the intent of having them stay in — very securely.
    It’s gorgeous, and it will look amazing on you! I say go for it!

  3. ^ this season was MMM’s 20th anniversary and thus the strong shoulder pads were a reference to his previous collections. it would be wrong to say that MMM always constructs strong shoulders in his jackets though.

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