Hermès Bolduc Medor Twilly

Written By bryanboy

Hermès Bolduc Twilly Medor

I've been working so hard the past few months it's logical that I treat myself with a little luxury lovin' in spite of these crazy economic times. The best gifts comes in orange boxes so I bought this cute little Hermès Bolduc Twilly Medor.

Hermes Twilly Medor

The Medor Twilly comes in four combinations: orange or green silk twilly with gold hardware and purple or black twilly with silver/palladium hardware. I wanted the purple twilly with gold hardware so I tried to charm my way with the sales associate who happily changed it for me.

It has three removable clips that you can use with your other
twillys. You can then use it as a necklace, bracelet, whatever. I
haven't tried it on a scarf yet. In any case, it's soo chic I love it!


  1. How nice! Pictures of you wearing it soon please! I bet you look smashing in it!

  2. BB, nice to see that you’re back. Ive been checking your site and see nothing has been updated since the 25th. Initially though something went wrong but Im glad you’re perfectly fine and its only the camera cable that led you not updating your blog…. tc.

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