Written By bryanboy


Jesus bajeezus. I just had a haircut like two or three weeks ago and my hair is long again. Ugh. I was supposed to get a haircut earlier this morning but I got up late so I missed my appointment.

photo: filbert kung


  1. Alejandro

    Lo que me gustaría saber es… ¿Cómo llegastes a ser lo qué eres y a poder tener lo que tienes?. (Un chico desde España)

  2. Hi BB, Nice Shot…..hope your photos can be seen in an edsa billboard one day….it would have been such a wonderful sight.

  3. pakitongkitong

    zis pic eesh teh hotness.
    and i’m not just saying that because i’m a complete suck-up

  4. this is first time seing your blog haha where have I been in this world! im liking it very much and this picture is fantastic I cant help but made a comment laguna loves you bryan boy

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