Gucci for Pizza Hut?

Written By bryanboy

Gucci for Pizza Hut?

I'm not usually the type of person who makes New Years' resolutions. I think they're rubbish. That's gonna change next year though. I thought I'd give it a shot. My life (or should I say my body) needs some sort of a direction. Let's face it — I'm not getting any younger and the older I get, the fatter I become. My weight is getting ridiculous, which is why I'm gonna try to adopt a vegetarian diet right after Christmas. No more pork, beef, chicken or what have you.

Now. I haven't had pizza in months so I ordered something from Pizza Hut last night while the parentals were gone. Apparently I ordered so much the delivery guy gave me two raffle stubs. Ugh!


  1. WHAT! That’s totally bananas. Well, I hope you’re not stuffing yourself with pizza for that bag.

  2. well BB you have to realize this is what you call marketing, there are much worse marketing ads we have now like just text or download something for you can win a million bucks for 1 to 15 peso text.

  3. “Since when did fast food chains started giving away luxury handbags as prizes?”– it’s START, you half-witt! You need to get some education darling.

  4. Also, it should be “you need to get some education, darling” (direct address comma)

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