Globe-Trotter, Tumi & Filson Luggage & Suitcases

Written By bryanboy

Globe-Trotter, Tumi & Filson Luggage

Gone are the days when one could easily charm their way out of paying excess baggage fees at the airport. I remember vividly how back in the day, all I had to do was plead, smile and wink to airline staff just to get away hauling my crap to the plane without paying a single cent. Fast forward to the present and all the airlines now are a bunch of penny-pinching, nickel-and-diming retards who would balk at you to pony up the greenbacks even if you’re a few kilos overweight. I was shocked when I got a copy of my report from my accountant earlier this week. I know I did a bit of traveling this year compared to previous years (which still isn’t a lot compared to other people), but holy Manolo Batman, I cannot believe how much I ended up paying to fly my garbage around!

You know you’re back home in the third world when everything that comes out on the luggage carousel are in boxes!

Click click click!

I know I have the tendency to over pack sometimes, especially things I don’t end up using, but part of the problem is that I carry heavy luggage. I know in this day and age it’s absolutely impractical, wasteful not to mention pretentious but please spare me the holier than thou attitude because I don’t travel often so I enjoy the luxury of splashing out here and there when I have the (rare) chance. I also like having choices etc etc etc. Let’s not even go there because it would take forever for me to come up with excuses for my habits. Oh how difficult it is to have champagne wishes on a coca-cola budget.


I’ve been looking at light luggage alternatives. Yes… luggage that actually don’t weigh more than what’s inside. I have a Globe-Trotter suitcase which I bought on a whim at Lane Crawford in Hong Kong ages ago. I love it. I always get comments from people how beautiful it is. Some people even use it to decorate their humble abodes. Although it’s light compared to others, I think it’s still quite heavy. I would love to buy more pieces from Globetrotter but:

a) it’s inappropriate to spend so much on luggage especially at this time of global financial turmoil

b) I so can’t afford them now


c) they jacked up the prices in the past few years ever since more people “discovered” them.

Earlier this year, Globe-Trotter (who’s been around since 1897) collaborated with American preppy superstore J. Crew to bring these amazing hand-crafted luggage to the American masses. These beautiful hand-crafted luggage come in different sizes but the biggest one is the 33-inch suitcase which retails for US$2,400 apiece and comes in three colours – black, sour lemon and centenary ivory.

photo credit: j. crew, vivre, world traveler, filson


  1. Thank heavens for this entry.
    You should write more fashion entries like this instead of your shameless self-promotion posts. You’re famous, we get it.
    Just do what you have to do (blogging) because you’re good at your job!

  2. Aawww..I totally get you. My suitcase/trunk weight almost 7 kg. -I know it`s crazy and what is the limit in most airlines nowadays?? You do the math. Simply said there is no way i`m packing that little. *LOL

  3. BUY A SAMSONITE FOR GOD’S SAKE!!! they got black label, feather lights and alike… they r good! and VERY VEEERY affordable, this is absurd…

  4. I don’t like Samsonite. I’ve had two samsonite suitcases and they both gave up after the first use. It’s a waste of money. I’d rather pay a little premium for luggage that lasts for a long time. Also, samsonite is very heavy.

  5. Amen Bryan. I’m involved with an online travel agency and the charges for luggage are absurd. Even the baggage policies of local airlines (Philippines) have changed drastically.
    But yeah, I too, have to pay for excess baggage all the time because of my hoarding.

  6. Congrats; you just made the top 25 faces of 2008 over at COACD.
    While this probably means more “shameless self-promotion”, I do agree with the other commentator that the fashion entries are more interesting.

  7. Oh gosh…that orange suitcase is just so much love! That would be *so* easy to spot on an airport conveyor belt, standing out from a sea of black. ::sigh::
    I told my mom, a die-hard, once-a-year en grande bakasyonista, about what it costs to get luggage on a plane these days, and she freaked. She likes to carry her whole vacation wardrobe with her, no recycling – not like me, I bang three pairs of pants and six shirts and a week’s worth of smalls and I’m good to go. (But damn, the adaptors and the cell phone and the laptop…that’s some serious weight.)
    Keep on trucking with your posts – shameless self-promotion or otherwise. ::wink:: You go!


    This is not a suggestion as the price is out of budget but since the post is about luggages, you should look (or lust over) at Valextra. An italian brand, designs are very streamlined and simple. The brand is ultra-luxurious and the products very good quality. I used to work in Harrods in London and although I also sold other more ‘trendy’ brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs and Chloe, Valextra was one of my favourites.

  9. carlz_elmstherson

    Glorious Bags! I would definitely be squeezing the pullman bag in my Dream Wish list…Thanks for the info! I so love you bb!

  10. I have a set of filson luggage I use. It is very durable and discreet. It works well in places that you do not want to draw attention to yourself in. More practical than an LV Alzer Anglais at Machu Pichu.

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