George W. Bush Attacked With Shoes! [VIDEO]

Written By bryanboy

George W. Bush Attacked With Shoes!

An Iraqi journalist threw shoes at Bush during a press conference in Baghdad.

Although Bush was cool about it, lemme just say it serves him right.


  1. LOL i like how bush kept it cool, very suave and quick of him to duck like that! LOLOLOL but i applaud that iraqi guy more for doing what he did. GO SHOE THROWER!!! hahaha what a hero.
    and btw, to the douche complaining about you posting this, a bush hater doesn’t have to live in america to know what’s going on in the world, ass hat! just like people all over the WORLD who hate what bush has turned america into. so stfu biatch

  2. i watched this on al jazeera! the iraqi journalist said, “Here’s your goodbye kiss, dog.” then threw the shoes at him. I LOVED the way he threw another shoe when the first one missed. Classic!

  3. Hahaha… a breath of fresh air for a change :o) The others did not have the guts to boo that mother fucker W.B away from the room. That guy is a bloody HERO.

  4. What if he throws a Blahnik or Loboutin?? It’s gonna be another HUGE disasta and WWD is gonna pick the news in a second!! *Lol.
    SJP is sooooo gonna practice her throwing skill!!

  5. Pretty much sums up how unpopular he is in this world.
    Worst President Ever!!

  6. Lisa From Cali

    I can understand the frustration of the Iraqi people. I, myself, just scream at the tv when I see him.

  7. The reporter was uneducated, uncivilized and unprofessional. I don’t like Bush but you just don’t treat a person that way.

  8. I totally agree. Hate on Bush or whatever… but doing something like that is just too much.

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