1. counterstriffe@yahoo.com

    Haha. I have very similar black skinny jeans to yours – Cheap Mondays (or something like that). Got mine from Harrods in London, where I live. Like your blog, especially cos I’m pinoy too.
    Best of luck!

  2. i think andrea seisa is in Ilo Ilo right now (if we are talking about the same andrea). She is my cousin who lives in CA.

  3. It was nice seeing you last night Bryan!!!!:) I was that random person who approached you at Government.

  4. HANNAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)…after a looong time. she showed up at ur site again!!!!! i love yer tandem BB…the non-sexual wife isn’t it??X)

  5. HI. First: Best wishes for this new year. Second: Ur black suit on this pics come from which House? Dior, i guess.

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