Fashion Designers on Vacation Pics

Written By bryanboy

Fashion Designers on Vacation

Woah woah woah woah! My gurl Donatella Versace is currently on vacay in St. Barts. How does she make you feel?

Donatella Versace on vacation in St Barts

After the jump, you’ll see a few snaps of our favourite fashion designers on vacation. Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Roberto Cavalli, you name it. You have to give it out to the Italians. Nobody worships the sun more than them! Click click click!

Oh dear.

Donatella Versace bikini picture.

Back in October, 60-something year old Roberto Cavalli was spotted in South Florida.

Roberto Cavalli in a speedo.

In July, Giorgio Armani went to Sardinia for a holiday.

Giorgio Armani in Sardinia, Italy wearing speedos.

For a 74 or 75-year old man, he sure is fit. I don’t know about you but I want to be that fit when I’m in my mid seventies!

Giorgio Armani in swimming trunks photo.

This photo of Valentino Garavani lounging on a boat in Ponzo, Italy is cute.

Valentino Garavani in Ponzo, Italy.

Stefano Gabbana is sooo hot! OH MY GOD!!! Here’s a snap of him in Portofino back in June.

Stefano Gabbana lounging on a yacht in Portofino, Italy.

And then of course, there’s Domenico Dolce. Check out his junk.

Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana

Can you imagine all the fun and frolics they get themselves into with all those hunks? OH EM GEE!

Moving on, my big papa Marc always looks hot. HE IS HOT! Here’s a quick pap shot of him in Ibiza with Lorenzo and Kate.

Marc Jacobs in Ibiza with Kate Moss

As for the most ferosha of them all, I bring you Uncle Karl all dressed up in St. Tropez!

photo credits:a socialite life, jezebel, faded youth blog and more.


  1. Stefano and your fairy godmother are the only hot ones in the bunch. Donatella looks like a grizzled piece of beef jerky.

  2. Tu travailles trop Bryanboy… même le jour de Noël, tu es fou ?
    Mais c’est comme ça qu’on t’aime ! Joyeux Noël Chou !

  3. Donatella and Marc give me the shivers. Donatella gives me the bad ones, while Marc gives me the hot good ones.

  4. Oh shit. Dolce and fucking Gabbana! I’d usually pick Gabbana any day but that shot of Dolce is making me reconsider.
    How old is Donatella? Her boobs are ageless aren’t they? But at least she’s thin. lol

  5. woah.. as always, your godmother looks hot as always… and whats up with your uncle karl? jabar abot niyan! XD

  6. bryanboypinoyfan

    gusto kong tumambling bongacious ang lola mae dolce napapalibutan ng mga hombre na masarap machupae bongacious talaga ang lola mo napapatambling aketch sa kabongaciousan umariba na naman ang pokers xenxa na madame bryan boy sa ka kerengkengan ng yaya mo sorry po maamm…

  7. Oh Bryan! I just had dinner and suddenly I felt very nauseated…hmmm wonder why?
    Anywho, all the pics posted for some strange reason reminds me of leather.

  8. carlz_elmstherson

    That’s f-ing donatella! Hell no!
    I toootally love MJ, with Auntie and Lorenzo…i couldn’t imagine how the three talked…

  9. Stefano Gabbana is HOT, but Marc Jacobs is like SOOOOOOO SEXXXXXY D: like really!!

  10. did you know ??. . .
    (okay, you’re bryanboy, so you probably do)
    lady amanda harlech’s main place of residence is in the rural english county of shropshire, where i just happen to live too. my friend and i have tried to find out exactly where. we have this fantastical vision that we’ll ‘happen’ upon her whilst out walking,and that she’ll take us in, like poor work-house orphans, and make us her fashion proteges. we can but dream

  11. i love that lorenzo holds that vuitton bag likes it’s some cheapy canvas ‘bag for life’ from tesco. hahaha, if that was me i’d be holding it at arm’s length shooing scrubbers out of its way . . .i covet his ass

  12. stefano gabbana is seww hot! domenico dolce’s package is…a handful
    i agree, marc, lorenzo and kate are the best! i wonder what does yigal azrouel looks like when he’s out surfing :)?

  13. do i see christiano ronaldo on the D&G boat ?
    it is shocking !

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