Dolce & Gabbana Rosary

Written By bryanboy

Dolce & Gabbana Rosary

I love stylists. I really do. They always have the coolest shit you won't find elsewhere like this Dolce & Gabbana rosary, a real one, owned by a stylist I met in Kuala Lumpur named Daniel Henry. I thought this was the most hilarious thing I've ever seen in the longest time. Talk about bizarro to the max.


  1. well said bryan.
    people should be informed safe and legal options to control reproductive health. this isn’t even abortion we are talking about. just simple pills and rubber. and i couldn’t think of how a condom can be more dangerous than unprotected sex.
    abstinence my ass. whatever.

  2. I really loathe the Catholic Church and their bullshit “abstinence” policy which clearly doesn’t work.
    We’re basically a time bomb waiting to explode. There’s not enough food, jobs and social services to cater to over (what is it now?) 85 million people… what about the risk of having an HIV/AIDS epidemic? The figures they’re giving out there is inaccurate because not everyone is getting tested!

  3. UGH. seriously. i hate that, too. why are they (the church and politics) so effin stupid and blind? i mean, yeah, i study at a catholic school and all, but really, this is too stupid. so, they’d just let this little country of ours sink into poverty and overpopulation more? it really sucks. wish we could wipe out all the stupid people and make new ones :D

  4. Lupussy Galore

    Sorry to say so but this is such old news! The Vatican use this idiot rules for ages now!! In Europe we laugh at the guys in their dresses in the Vatican. Pfff….I’m a former RC and wonders always what happens between the guys in dresses in their holy territory. Every religion has rules I despise being a woman.
    Religion is the root off a lot of evil….I loathe religion. If I hurt feelings here…sorry, but that’s my view…
    The world would be a better place when religious people off all kind should stop meddling in politics…..

  5. There’s great religious harmony in Singapore too. (The majority is Christian if I’m not mistaken) But you gotta check it out for yourself, right? ;)

  6. Right with you on this one. But if you think about it, it’s in a lot of people’s best interest to keep a large portion of the population at the point of mere survival. Easy to manipulate. Very convenient for many a politician’s agenda.

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