Bluefly at Gossip Girl

Written By bryanboy

Nice Try, Bluefly!

I see what you did there. Hahaha! I had to interrupt my weekly dose of Gossip Girl to blog about Bluefly's shameless marketing placement.


  1. When you buy something from Bluefly, your package comes in that bag (in a box).

  2. hmmm
    i have ordered from bluefly in the past (perhaps not in the past 6 months) and i have never seen that paper bag.
    isn’t it a bit ridiculous and redundant for them to ship an item, in a paper bag, INSIDE a box?

  3. Bluefly has always shipped with bags inside boxes from the beginning. Maybe they don’t for overseas shipments.

  4. Haha… Yeah, I thought it was kinda strange! I was thinking, Where am I going to use this bag?? Maybe they’re trying to elevate your purchase, as if someone did your personal shopping, and then sent it to you. I don’t know.

  5. Yea they def ship with the bags. It’s to improve the “experience” of shopping online, to make it more personal and not just click click click!

  6. so I have noticed this in a lot of shows and movies most recently in sex and the city. So I have been asking people who shop on bluefly if bluefly sends a shopping bag with purchase and they said yes ! I also have a friend that told me that she once saw a bluefly pop-up store in soho.

  7. Charlotte

    they do have that paper bag. i purchased a gucci eyewear a couple of months ago and it was shipped to me in that bag. (in a box of course).

  8. Displaying a brand or website in a movie/TV show is called
    “product placement.” It’s a type of advertisement that doesn’t use regular advertising slots. It discreetly “advertises” to consumers without being too obvious, subliminally.

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