Attention Singapore

Written By bryanboy

Attention Singapore

If you haven't bought the December 2008 issue of Style: magazine, do so now! I FIIIINALLLLLLY got hold of the last four copies at the airport (Terminal 2). I'm not sure IF or WHEN they'll replenish it but I've been told by a few readers they're having trouble getting hold of their own copy because it's been sold out at a few locations. I really do hope that's the case. I want **MY** issue to be flying off the shelves so that Wayne Sterling can also say on camera that I'm moving issues like Natasha Poly… and then I'll get to shoot MOOOOAR editorials and spreads. Hahaha! No seriously, buy one or two copies now. I'm going to Singapore soon (when… I don't know. But still.) and I'd be more than happy to sign them for you. Feeling model/celebrity attention hog much?


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