And the winner is…

Written By bryanboy

And the winner is…

I apologize for the delay in announcing the winner of my dream destination contest — proof that I'm really the world's worst procrastinator. A big congrats to Jonathan B. who lives in Narrangansett, Rhode Island USA. He was the first person who was able to guess my dream destination right. He emailed his answer within minutes of me posting my entry. Except for the very few who got it wrong (wtf Copenhagen? wtf South Korea? better luck next time…), I suppose most of my readers are smarter than what I thought. Hah!

Jonathan sent a funny photo of him in Taipei when I asked for his mailing address.

photo credits: flickr


  1. Bryan, I think you might want to check with our friend, Giselle, about going to Delhi. She and I met up there last month and had plenty of interesting conversations about our experiences. Oh, and if you go, I know just the place to buy Loro Piana-grade cashmere 90% cheaper than Loro Piana prices. (Of course, they’re generic cashmere, but they’re super soft and wonderful.) Happy trails!

  2. the winner is cute.
    I love your new comments section. so neat and better to read. snaps for TypePad.

  3. Hey Bb,
    I just wanted to say thank you for making people aware of Asia. Even though you keep joking about being in the 3rd world and all, i think what you do is incredible, and you don’t stop, and you keep going- i think it’s lovely. So good to hear and see that there is someone out there with a forward prospective like your, and you are not from U.S. or Asia. Go ahead!

  4. me too dreams of visiting incredible india. i want to ride in those crazy mumbai trains…
    .. dreaming of a tour in paris, london or ny sounds so cliche. culture buffs are people who read. so lets go to india then tibet, then y not russia for history, or to pyongyang for poltical adventure.

  5. hey!
    it would be really cool to see you come to delhi!you have heaps of fans here!even in vogue :)
    lots of exciting things happening in the world of indian fashion at the moment!
    i’m soooooooooo excited…hope your trip works out!

  6. New Delhi is amazing!- it’s a color, print inspiration on steroids. also Indian woman are beautiful (my mom is one)

  7. I stayed in Mumbai India for 2.5 months and it was great! =)
    Culture, food, architecture. I rode their crazy train and bought some goodies near the Taj Mahal area. Bangles, pillow cases and other fab items were cheap =)
    Just make sure you are with someone familiar with the place or else you’ll be lost. =)

  8. hi bryan boy! my friends also had the same reaction when i declared i was going to india. but you’re right, it’s rich in culture and beautiful people!
    try the new delhi, jaipur(great cashmere and pashmina items here!) and agra route (the golden triangle, is what they call it).hire a van/car (and tour guide) to take you around (unless you prefer travelling by train, which can be quite rough).

  9. You really have got ballz if you ever go to India. I actually live here, and like everywhere else, it has its good and bad. All my Flip friends and family asked me WHY INDIA OF ALL PLACES… ah, well. Even the Indians ask me that, funny enough! I won’t spoil your Indian surprise for you, but brace yourself.

  10. Heeey!
    Im a British girl living in New Delhi.. you should totally come! Its exactly like the girl in the restaurant told you, but also the complete opposite at the same time! If you come before my final high school exams in may, hit me up.. im leaving for good in june :(
    love, always x

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