All Roads Lead to Moscow

Written By bryanboy

All Roads Lead to Moscow

Picture yourself coming home with a package waiting on your bed from the prestigious publishing house Conde Nast.

Now imagine that little parcel of love came from the hardworking Editor-in-Chief (and her lovely team) of Vogue magazine.

Click click click!

Not just any Vogue but your favourite Vogue EVER.

(the one you wish is available in your country but had to rely on the generosity of people on the internet to see editorial and content scans every month)

Anna Selezneva, Vogue Russia September 2008 Cover

So yeah… imagine receiving a package from them.

There’s a monthly calendar and a daily agenda inside.

What’s inside the big, black box?

Let’s open it, shall we?

Who else better greet me than my favourite model of all time, Natasha Poly!


It’s a beautiful, beautiful scarf!

And the best part of all is a hand-written card from the Editor in Chief of Vogue Russia, Aliona Doletskaya.

Aliona Doletskaya

It’s not every day this happens so trust me when I say I’ll treasure this for life!

Thank you Aliona and Vogue Russia for the presents. I’m hardly Vogue material but thank you, thank you, thank you so much. спасибо спасибо спасибо. I feel so special!

I’m sorry for going all sentimental to y’all my dear readers but you guys don’t understand. I feel like I’ve gone FULL CIRCLE now. My trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg four years ago is the reason why I have this blog in the first place. I know I’ve evolved as a person over the years and I’m still a work in progress but really, Russia will always have a special place in my heart.

See now I miss all the amazing moments I had… I always CRINGE whenever I look at all my old pictures and entries because they were really outrageous but you know what… the craziness, the fun, the over the top insanity… those memories are priceless and I wouldn’t be who I am (the changed person) now without them. HAH!

I miss my Russian friends. Can you imagine going to a place where you don’t know a single soul and then you end up meeting all these amazing and friendly and hospitable and warm people? I had such a great time I had to come back a year later! Oh and before they had Cole Mohr and Posh Spice, remember this photo when I was soo homesick one day and I went to YSL for a quick cheering up? Fun times in 2005 y’all!!!


Ok enough with the nostalgia. One day I’ll come visit Moscow again. Set that in stone. I’ll work even harder and save more next year.

Anyhoooo…. isn’t 2008 a banner year?

Again, thank you so so much Vogue Russia. You guys are truly the best!

спасибо! С большим дружестким приветом из Филиппинов!
(i hope that made sense lol)

I love you all!


  1. I went to Moscow + St.Petersburg 3 years ago…I really really really miss it too. There’s just something so special about that place.

  2. Beautiful scarf! Is it a traditional Slavic pattern?
    It’s ironic that you say Russians are warm and friendly. Being lived here for almost 6 years I think it’s quite the contrary. But as my (only) Russian friend says, once you make friends with a Russian, your friendship is forever.
    However the fashion scene in Russia is quite unique. I see every girl in the streets dress up every day like there’s no tomorrow (even in a relatively rural place like mine). It’s clear that Russia has a mayjahh potential to be the powerhouse of fashion world.

  3. It’s completely understandable that you’re emotional about this Bryan. Like I said, this year has been big, no huge, for you and apparently it just keeps on coming does it? Jeezus, Aliona Doletskaya? Now you’ll have a Merry and Vogue Christmas!

  4. I’m a big fan of Aliona and I totally love her work and everything she’s done with Russian Vogue. Love, love, LOVE her!
    Happy holidays to you too! ;)

  5. Hey, Bryan, whatever happened to your photo gallery from those days. I totally remember when you first posted your Russia and Scandinavia trip photos. Oh, and I remember when you posted about your encounter with that guy in the streets of Paris who asked you for a smoke?? Naughty boy!!
    I’m a reader from way back and it’s good to know that in these uncertain economic times, one can still count on Bryan to instill a bit of fabulousness in our lives. Hell, if we’re all going to hell, might as well do it in style and in couture.

  6. Haha nice
    Hello from Moscow :D
    But the best russian fashion mag was russian version of Jalouse.

  7. yeah, no kidding about those girls dressed up like tmrw is gonna come the apocalypse…apparently they r really into the concept – theres never a chance to make ur first impression.hahah…its so weird and to me its like a symbol of NON-freedom u know. who cares – i dont look like a doll; i just wanna be myself! being myself russian and living abroad for quite a while, now i can see what u mean!
    and as for the russians and all that friends stuff, i think russians r weird (i mean WE r weird), but once u get into us, ull love what u find out there…

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