Who wants to go to Iraq?

Written By bryanboy

Who wants to go to Iraq NOW?

After watching this clip from CBS News, I have to say “I DO!” but alas, my passport says I’m not allowed to go to Iraq.

But yeah… che-che-check him out! Oh my god. Oh my allah!


  1. oh yeah! if all guys in Iraq are like that (read: drool-worthy), then who's afraid of being in the frontlines? hahahaha!

  2. Margarita

    hot dayum sign me up, i hope to do something right to stop this war too!! haha I sound like a crazed animal. on the other hand, is it just me, or is his hair waaaay too zac efron in hairspray?

  3. he is gorgeous! I love israeli and arabic guys. They all have a big… heart ah ah !

  4. hahaha….OMG. Hella funny…when I read the title I thought it was about tourism…

  5. Allah be praised for such a wonderful male specimen! haha. Actually you can go to Iraq BB. Do it the OFW route via Kuwait erg. :)

  6. Haha. Yeah I know that BB. That's why I was joking that you could do it the OFW way…they go to Kuwait and get smuggled into Iraq by their employers. LOL!

  7. That Iraqi guy is hotter than most of the models and actors I see pics of online, and I view a lot! Good job with those screen grabs.

  8. sexycheng

    go to bahrain or in qatar, you’ll see a lot of hot arab men! the gasoline boy in doha was so god damm good looking i wet my pants! damn!!

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