Viktor & Rolf says "NO" to Fast Fashion.

Written By bryanboy

Viktor & Rolf says "NO" to Fast Fashion.

I know that you know that I'm still waiting for my Russian oligarch to show up on our doorstep and sweep me off my feet. I don't know if any of you know a real bajillionaire Russkiye but if you do, tell him to send a private jet! The International Herald Tribune is holding their annual luxury conference next month in New Delhi, India. They have a very interesting and diverse group of speakers, ranging from Salma Hayek's baby daddy, François-Henri Pinault, Elizabeth Hurley (HUUUUUWHATTT??), international playboy and tranny fanatic Lapo Elkann to Manish Arora, Dries Van Noten and Roberto Cavalli.

I checked the line-up of speakers lo and behold Dutch design duo Viktor & Rolf's will talk about Fast Fashion.


  1. "Salma Hayek's baby daddy"
    "international playboy and tranny fanatic"
    "I hope you get to stroke Suzy Menkes' hair, hug her AND they better be giving away a ton of Bottega bags for that amount."


  2. Hii Bryanboy!
    In the dutch glamour, hmm I think the same one as you were in.
    There was a big feature about fast fashion! Really intresting.

  3. With h&m they tryed to get real fashion to the real people. With their theme of 'say no to fast fashion' they make a statement. And the h&m colaboration was exclusive and limited, not fast-fashion as you say…

  4. Would love to hear your predictions as to whom H&M will collaborate next for 2009!
    Tomas Meier? Pucci? Tom Ford? Marni?
    Personally, I'd like to see what Neil Barrett could do.

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